F100 | 2018 | Round 2 | Lydd | Lydd leaves us leading!

I absolutely love this track. It’s fast and flowing yet very technical. There are some kerbs you must take in a certain way, there are apexes you shouldn’t go near and the good old jump to contend with!

I came with my Tecno and Fullerton karts to test on the Friday. I really like my Tecno, it’s a quick kart but I need to get it to suit my driving style. I’m lucky in that the Heron really suits me, I’m sure back in 1997 it was basically designed for me even though I was 4 years old at the time! I spent most of the day running engines in and making setup tweaks for both. I’ve decided to sell my Fullerton and Tonykart so if you’re interested in getting involved in the series they are both ready to go.

The weather was set to be scorching all weekend, it certainly seemed like we wouldn’t have to bring the wets out for a play. Saturday I switched back to my Heron and instantly found my pace with reed engines. I was managing to put in 37.5s quite easily. A few small setup tweaks managed to get me to do it consistently within a couple of tenths. Excuse for an onboard clip!

It’s hard to beat this class and that track for driving fun!

Sunday started off cloudy but by the 3 lap practice the sun was starting to burn through. I had grid positions of 8th, 24th and 16th on a full grid of 34 karts.

Heat 1 I started well and got up to 4th fairly quickly, I was passed by Joe Scorey and latched onto him to make our way through the front guys. Sam Hart who was looking very quick at the weekend also managed to squeeze past. Before long Neil Mckernan faltered from the lead and allowed us 3 past. It wasn’t long after and Scorey’s lead also started to fade. Sam and I caught and passed him and eventually finished the heat in that order. I nearly had a chance for the lead but it was thwarted by a back-marker sat in the middle of the chicane unfortunately which gave Sam a comfortable lead in the end.

I was looking forward to Heat 2 as I love driving through the pack to the front. I made a ballsy decision to go around the outside at turn 1 as I couldn’t get to the inside line. By the end of the first chicane I had managed to make up 7 places already. The heats were unusually long for a meeting so I paced myself getting through the pack, no rash moves or anything. I got to the front bunch and managed to set a new lap record of 37.375 while doing so, I finished 4th in the end after an epic battle with Adam Wardiell and the returning Oli Smith.

By now I knew I had a setup problem as I was basically doing my quickest lap right near the end of the heat. I made a couple of changes for Heat 3. This heat was fairly uneventful, eventually finishing in 4th place again.

I gridded up 3rd for the final. In front of me was Sam Hart on pole, Oli 2nd and Scorey next to me in 4th. The race was always going to be us 4 for the win. We all made good starts with Oli sneaking into the lead around the outside at turn 1. I got passed by Scorey who I could see had set his kart up to come on early. He then got Sam a couple of laps later and I followed through down the straight after getting a run off the long left hander. Scorey then made his way into the lead and built up a bit of a gap while I plotted my move on Oli. I got past after a couple more laps and proceeded to hunt down Scorey who I could see had a kart that was going off. Just before the last lap I made my move on the last corner, a tight, across the kerb move underneath, I pulled it off just only for Scorey to slip back past at the bottom corner to eventually take the win. A shame but none the less a very good result! You can’t win them all!

Current Championship Points

Once again a big thank you to the Ricard racing awning as well as Mike Spencer for the advice over the weekend as well as my parents for the never ending support of my racing! Next up, Wigan, my bogey track!

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