F100 | 2017 | Round 3 | Wigan | Points Mean Prizes

For me Wigan is one of those tracks where you turn up and go “Yeah, this was made for 100cc racing!”. Sweeping corners, tight apexes, long straights and undulation all add up for a very good mix. I’ll keep this one fairly short, there isn’t a lot to talk about in depth. Essentially a couple of mistakes from me led me down the wrong path all weekend which meant I just couldn’t quite challenge up at the front. It is absolutely critical to analyse everything you are doing and unfortunately this time I lapsed. Easy mistakes to make regardless but mistakes nonetheless. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it’s horrible knowing where you went wrong and knowing you could have challenged for a win.

I went back onto my CRG and reed engine combination for this meeting after testing. I had no disasters unlike Rowrah so I thought I was all good to go for the weekend and in for a good chance. Heat 1 was run late into the day on Saturday. Unfortunately, it couldn’t have got off to a worse start.  went into the first corner and immediately got my valve ripped out the front left tyre which meant a DNF. I was hoping for a better day Sunday which luckily it was. The rain came down just before Heat 2 and I thrive in these conditions. Luckily I’d got some low tread wets as it was one of those decisions that was hard to make either way. This was my mid grid race and I managed to come through to 3rd by the end of the race. Right at the end the karts running slicks caught us but it just managed to rain enough again to put wets back infront.

Heat 3 would be back to dry. For this one I was 6th and by the first corner I was 3rd after an outside move. I was then challenging Neil Mckernan and Adam Wardiell for the heat win but this is where I knew I hadn’t got the pace. I tried everything but literally could not make the kart go any quicker, I was a sitting duck off the slow corners with no bottom end power which seriously pains me.

For the final we made some quite drastic changes to try and sort it. Even with the DNF I would be starting 6th which I was pleased with. I managed to get up to 4th and was trying to challenge James Fox and Oli Smith for a podium. It wasn’t to be, I just couldn’t get any power out of the slow double left. I had to drive the wheels off the thing to hold onto 4th place. Neil McKernan was the class of the field with a lights to flag victory. An odd meeting in my case not being able to figure out and solve my issues is unusual. Luckily I’ve analysed it all and know exactly what it was! Next up is the 0 Plate at Whilton. I’ve been working extremely hard to be prepared for this one. It’s the one I want out of all of them this year so here’s hoping!

Anyway another post as an excuse to post some onboard footage!

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