F100 | 2017 | Round 2 | Rowrah | Winner!

I’m probably going to keep this one rather short and sweet as I’m currently prep’ing for the British Superkart Grand Prix at Donington this weekend. Essentially I won my first ever British Championship F100 round! I’m really pleased because the hard work I’ve put in is really starting to show now. I know it’s not like winning a Super 1 round in Senior X30 but it is mighty competitive up the front in Pre 2000 and that’s what I love!

It couldn’t have started much worse on the Friday, I’d barely done 3 laps before I had a complete brake system failure on the CRG and stuck it in the barriers at Rowrah’s 2nd hairpin, not pleasant! I totaled the front of the kart but managed to salvage it for some testing from spare parts. I spent the rest of Friday and Saturday having a few minor issues but eventually got my act together and decided what to race on. I’d be back on the Zip Bullet again running Comer engines.

Heat 1 saw me starting 14th but doing a 360 along the start finish straight after a collision!

I fell right down the order and also suffered with a major carb problem before fixing that myself and driving back to 9th.

Heat 2 is where I saw I could really be challenging for the win. I started on pole but Drew pipped me into the first corner. I managed to get back past at the 2nd hairpin and then managed to win the heat by 8 seconds, setting the fastest time of 47.354. I was starting 25th for heat 3 and managed to make my way through the pack to finish 9th, gaining 16 places.

All of this put me on pole for the final and it couldn’t have been more simple really. I got out into the lead before Christ Trott managed to get through and into 2nd. From there on Chris was trying to hunt me down but I kept my head together and the kart was an absolute dream to drive and made it relatively easy to manage the gap. The final was over in a flash and I had managed to bring it home for my first championship round win! it had been awhile since I felt that sweet feeling of a proper hard fought win, seeing my Dad’s face as I came up the hill to the weigh bridge is something I’ll never forget either!

As always I’ve got a few people to thank. John Wellstead (Ricard) for all his help looking after my engines, helping with chassis setup or mentally as a driver, John’s done and seen it all and his advice is like gold dust. Niels Christoffersen for helping me out wherever he can and making the awning a proper laugh along with all the drivers, Oliver Smith, Francis Stewart, James Barclay, Chloe Scott and Rick Scott all made it a brilliant meeting! Lastly my parents for putting in a lot of effort too. My Mum is huge support and my Dad put in a crazy shift on the spanners!

Here is a video from practice on the Saturday and a few brill pics! Fell results can be found here.

Sorry for the rushed piece but Donny calls!

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