F100 | 2017 | Whilton Mill | Testing

So with a lull of any F100 karting between Lydd and Rowrah, I went to Whilton Mill to do a bit of testing. I essentially ran through everything I had and tried various setup changes to see if we could unearth any speed. I had a couple of problems throughout so it was nice to iron these out now while testing and not have them occur in a race meeting situation.

I was testing over the bank holiday weekend using both Friday and Monday to test. Luckily these days weren’t massively busy so we could be on and off the track within our allocated 20 min sessions.

I of course have some videos below (This post is mainly an excuse for pics and vids!).


It was definitely 2 days of worthwhile testing and probably the most effort I’ve put in to actually go through various things, log these and get some correlations going of what works and what doesn’t.


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