2017 Preparation

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone, hope 2017 is good to you! I’ve been busy testing over the winter period. I’ve been back to a couple of tracks I don’t visit all that often any more, PFi and Whilton Mill.

PFi was beautifully damp, tracks at this time of year just don’t dry. The CRG Daytona Heron is planted in adverse conditions so nothing to test there, however I did manage to test a 50mm axle in the Topkart and get more running with the inboard engines. I’ve acquired quite an array of Comer MIK 351L’s over the past few months so I managed to put a few of those on coupled up with Baroni BF24’s, very impressed with those. I’ve converted over from Ibea’s completely now.

Whilton was a different story, dry track but ever so slightly damp. We are back racing here in 2017 for the 0 Plate so its vital to get the CRG working around there. Didn’t take long at all and I tried various things with the chassis, it always amazes me what works at Whilton doesn’t work anywhere else. I got to try a tidy Vortex VR98 I had sat dormant on the shelf too, very quick engine that one!

Below are some pics and onboard footage from the GoPro.


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