That Sim Racing Thing

So when I’m not racing, I’m probably racing, virtually that is. I’m a massive advocate of sim racing I believe it helps no end in relation to my karting and importantly it is a heck of a lot of fun. It must be a good 7 or 8 years ago now since I first got into it on an old laptop running rFactor1 with the arrow keys! My peak was around 3 years ago before I really started taking things seriously in my karting. I was 2013 GRC Touring Car Champion and narrowly missed out on titles in other series I was racing in including the Virtual British Touring Car Championship with both drivers and team titles narrowly slipping away. Before all that though I took part in the very first Nissan GT Academy, it wasn’t until I placed 22nd From all over the world, 2 places off the invited racers I realised you needed a driving license after reading the small print, I was only 16 at that point! The next time it comes around I do plan to give it another good go.

These days I tend to sim for enjoyment and try to take part in as many Virtual British Touring Car Championship rounds as my karting allows me. This year our team SlipStream Racing has seen some very good results with various wins and podiums but we are out of the running for titles due to racing and work commitments.

Apart from that I am also part of The Drivers Collective, taking part in events mainly based around GTS-RS Simulation with regards to constantly improving and learning as racing drivers. Also if you haven’t checked out GRTS-RS please do, it is an amazing facility!

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the setup that I run. I currently run a 5 year old computer I built myself that will still run triple screens nearly on ultra in Assetto Corsa. The setup consists of:

  • GTX770 4GB Graphics Card
  • 8GB RAM
  • Gigabyte Motherboard
  • Intel i5 2550K
  • 3x ASUS VN247H
  • Obutto Revolution Cockpit
  • Fanatec sim equipment (Clubsport shifter, pedals and wheel)
  • Custom made button box
  • 1 Android tablet for telemetry and 1 Apple iPad also for telemetry

I run various sims but currently I’m concentrating on the KartKraft beta and Assetto Corsa. In the future I’ll do some articles on these, any DLC I buy and any other things I can think of to have a write about!

I really would recommend getting into sim racing, I’ve found no real gain since just having a bog standard Logitech G27 on a desk, my setup just makes me feel more immersed. As soon as VR is more settled and I can upgrade my computer I’ll definitely be looking to give that a go as well. S if you can pick up a decent Logitech Wheel and pedals, you’ll be away into sim racing.





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